The rate of local and international transactions increases globally especially in Africa where businesses need to pay manufacturers or service providers in other countries in currencies not easily accessible to the business owners. This tends to slow down businesses and create so many bottlenecks in achieving smooth international transactions.

FinexcaRemit will solve this problem by providing solutions with which banks, individuals, businesses can connect to and securely send value across to their intended recipients at a very low transaction fee through Finexca Network (agents, partners, communities, etc.).   

FinexcaPay is a truly modern cryptocurrency payment system for individuals, businesses globally. This solution was built to empower both the banked and unbanked businesses and individuals by enabling them to participate in the global economy. Finexca engages agent/partner (Finexca Agent Network) to reach out and provide financial services to customers in remote areas or uneducated (those that cannot read or write) users of the system. FinexcaPay will issue debit cards (FinexcaPay Card), POS solution (both software and hardware) to individuals and businesses in order to promote crypto-currencies engagement in day-to-day financial activities.